onsdag 15. mars 2017

"Tooot el camp...!"

One of my favourite activities here in Barcelona is to head over to Camp Nou and watch Messi, Neymar and Rafinha do magic for Barça. I’ve been to many football matches in Norway, but this is a totally different experience.

The audience at Camp Nou is known for not being the loudest fans. They usually discuss what’s going on with the people around them instead of shouting at the field. I don’t know if it’s just the culture there, or if it’s because no matter how loud you scream the referee is not going to hear you when you’re one out of 100 000 spectators.

However, it’s impossible not to notice how much this city loves its football club. You can spot the FCB flag almost as often as the Catalonian flag, and ahead of each game there will be posters of the match hanging all over the city. Last week the whole city went crazy when Barça did the impossible and won against Paris Saint Germain. People were singing, screaming and dancing in the streets all night long, accompanied by all the cars that were honking nonstop. 

It’s always magical to leave the stadium after a victory to the hymn of the club, “Enim un nom el sap tothom; Barça, Barça, Baaaaaaarça!”

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